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E-mails do not existe after changing the Settings of Connected Accounts on Stripe !!
Is this because it is Test mode OR I have to do other things ?? in takings in condideration that all information was add by the Vedor in doing the Connection to Stripe , but his E-mail is NOT REGISTRED after Connection !! so I don't know WHY !!

Because of the Muliple Settings of Commission & fees & Tax in several different Settings , I am really CONFUSED & I dont know what to Keep & what to deleet to avoid multiple commission & fees & Tax for Vendors !!

Because there are (Commission & Fees Settings, Tax Settings) in : (Membership Settings & Payment Settings & Commission Settings) !!

The Invoice sent to Buyer is correct now , but the Vendor had to put the price of Product without Tax & then the Buyer will see the full price after adding the tax in the Checout page :

Admin Access in the footer of website:

After Connecting the Vendor on Stripe it is registered as Code & Not with his name or E-mail or Store Name on Stripe !! :

all the details of Marketplace Commission is NOT EXISTING AT ALL in the Payment details on Stripe

& I tried to see if there is a way to Configure it to be Automated Commission as it is the case for Stripe Commission , but I could not find where to do that !! there is only the way to send Transfer as Payout to vendor or third party in Manual Mode !! but this will be impossible to manage after getting a large number of transactions to treat everyday !!! Is there any way to make the Commission of the Marketplace Automated on Stripe to be treated as Distinged Payment or Indirect Payment ??? Please, I need your help at this point : 

there is No Fees Collected for the Marketplace (Frais in French = Fees in English) : 

After connecting vendor (Test) to Stripe , thenI tried to do a new purchase for a product published of one of connected vendor on stripe, 

then appear several issues: 


a- Withe the Invoice sent to the buyer

 (The amount of final price does not include the amount & percentage of TAX (TVA, TPS) even that it was correctly configured in the setting of payment of the Marketplace (in the European Union we have the OBLIGATION to include the details of the Amount & Percentage of Tax in every INVOICE & also in the CHECKOUT for PAYMENT). But there are no details about the TAX (TVA: AVTin English) in the INVOICE of Buyer & also in the Checkout for Payment before finalising the payment !! (please see it in the photos).

The same problem of calculation of Tax of TVA 20% of the selling Price which should be 200€ !

All Vendor Billing details need CORRECTION :

The E-mail sent to the Seller to inform him about the details of selling (include amounts & percentages are totally NOT CORRECT (the fees of Marketplace include the fees of Stripe & other payment method fees which is : 10% + 2,50 Euros for) but the Calculation of fees is not correct , & the TAX (TVA, TPS) must be detailed in the Invoice of Vendor (even if the Tax will go to Vendor, because he will pay it herself to the Tax department, & it will be calculated on basing to the Selling Price) : 

the Seller must not see all details that Marketplace will pay as (Stripe fees or other payment methods fees) , Vendor Must only see the Marketplace fees (which could be detailed in 1 or 2 or even 3 details such as :

  • Transaction Fees (Percentage + Fix in my case)
  • Purchase Protection such Insurance for Purchase Protection (between 1,8 to 3% of Selling price) this kind of Purchase protection is : MANDATORY in EU (in my case this is not possible to add it separately in the details of selling Fees so I just Included it in the Transaction Fees of the Marketplace. IF THERE IS A POSSIBILITY TO ADD ADDITIONAL COSTUME FEES  this will be really great : 

Add Your Heading Text Here

The Problem of Calculation of Tax (TVA (AVT Added Value Tax)) in the Basket & in Check Out for Payment a also at the page of Final Payment (as I used only Stripe Split as you advised) , I tried to see if there is a way to make this details visible in using Woocommerce Tax Settings  (I indicated the Tax as 20% as Standard Tax, but there is no way to add this details to the page of Basket & Checkout & Final Paymentcorrect the Tax (TVA) it should be 20% of the selling price = 200€ , 

No Possibility to add Costume fields with several variations such as (text, percentage , calculation of certain amount basing on other fienld in the Invoice, etc) :