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Marketplace: Services, Appointment, Job Offers


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Pro & Business Area


PI GATE is a Marketplace of Services & Appointments & job offers, offers the following main advantages to professionals:

Example Photos of a Business Account on PI GATE:

Main benefits of a Professional Account:

Creation of Professional Store online:

PI GATE offers you the possibility to create your online store to sell your services and products with several levels of capacity according to our different Professional Membership Plans

GEO Localisation:

Take advantage of the geolocation of your professional address or the address of your services, to help your customers find you easily with to the geolocation markers on the world map. * available only for plans (Freelance, Pro and Gold)

Verified Professional Badge:

Your Verified Professional badge which guarantees your credibility in front of your clients, (Blue, Green or Gold badge depending on the Pro Plan level you choose. * Available only for Pro Plans : (Freelance, Pro or Gold)

Online Payment:

Take advantage of secure online payment with our payment methods, and securely receive payment for your services and products sold online.

Bookable Services & Appointments:

Thanks to our powerful system you could benefit from the total management of your bookable services, appointments and management of your customers. * Available only with Membership plans (Freelance, Pro and Gold)

Accounting of your daily activities:

Enjoy accounting for all your daily activities on PI GATE, with our accounting system & the general ledger. * Available only with Membership plans (Freelance, Pro and Gold)


PI GATE offers you the possibility to create your invoices for the services and products sold to your customers online. * Available only with Membership plans (Freelance, Pro and Gold)

Schedules your Time & Dates of activities:

PI GATE offers you the possibility of having the dates and times of your activities such as opening and closing, as well as your holidays. * Available only with Membership plans (Freelance, Pro and Gold)

Online support system between your Store & your Clients:

PI GATE provides you with a support system to help you communicate with your customers and answer their questions regarding your services and product for sale.

Complete management of your online store:

PI GATE offers you a very powerful Dashboard which gives you the complete management of your online store (services, products, stocks, service reservation calendars, appointments, publish job offers, management and customer service, online payment system, dispute and reimbursement , publication of your sales policy, accounting of your general ledger, personalized invoicing systems, etc.) and many more other features await you as a professional on PI GATE. * accessible according to the capacities of each level of our Membership plans.

Discount coupons:

PI GATE offers you the possibility to configure and generate discount coupons on sale prices directly from your management dashboard of your professional space dashboard.

Clients & Followers:

With your professional account on PI GATE you have the possibility of managing all the details of your customer files and also of your followers who receive notifications of all your activities such as the publication of new services, products and discounts.

Live Chat:

PI GATE offers you a system of Live Chat and spontaneous customer-supplier communication and therefore helps to answer customer questions faster and generate more sales. * Available only with Membership plans (Freelance, Pro and Gold)

Selling policy of your online store:

With PI GATE, you can define all types of sales policies for your online store and your products and services directly from your professional store’s sales policies area on PI GATE, thus reducing the hassle with your customers considerably.

Media Management:

PI GATE gives you the ability to manage media files from the editor in your dashboard so you can easily configure them as needed.

Analytical Reports:

The Analytics Report is the most important key to your marketing strategies, and we understand that. In addition to advanced sales reports, you will also have analyzes of your professional store activities and services and products that will help you plan your sales strategy. * Available only with Membership plans (Freelance, Pro and Gold)

Team and staff management:

The Greatest power you will have is to create managers and several work team staffs for your professional store and assign them a set of tasks as needed. * Available only for the plan (Gold)

Job offers Announcements:

PI GATE allows you to create Job Announcements from your very powerful dashboard which gives you total management of product, service and job announcement sheets and many other functions. * Available only with Membership plans (Pro and Gold)


PI GATE offers the possibility of opening an Online Store for:

  • (Free and Freelance) only for Individual Freelancers up to a maximum of €400/month.
  • (Pro) plans only for Individual Professionals registered as (Auto-entrepreneur, Sole Proprietorship, Micro-enterprise).
  • (Gold) plans for Companies & Professionals registered as (Individual Company, and any other type of Company, Micro & Medium Enterprise)

Yes, PI GATE offers to professionals the possibility of having a Professional Account with several plans (Free, Freelance, Pro, and Gold) which allows you to have your own Online Store complete with many powerful features.

Yes, the opening of a Professional Account is possible for Individuals with the Pro Plans (Free & Freelancers) with income up to 400€/month maximum without being registered as (autoentrepreneur or sole proprietorship or other type of business *(subject to respecting the different laws of each country)

  • – Manage your Offers (Services & Bookable Services & Appointments & Job Offers) Online.
  •  Obtain the status of Verified Professional in 4 levels (Free, FreeLance, Silver, Gold) and reassure your customers by offering your Services and Appointments as Verified Professional.
  •  Secure online payment, and payment protection for sellers & buyers.

PI GATE verifies your documents sent after your application for registration for one of the Professional Plans (Freelance, Pro and Gold), and if your documents justify that you are an officially registered professional (autoentrepreneur, sole proprietorship, and any other type of company, or in the chambers of commerce, etc.), in this case your registration request will be validated, and you will have a Verified Professional Badge in front of the name of your store with a color according to the pro plan you have chosen

Yes, you can modify your Plan Pro from your dashboard – with your personal area of your account.